Review of Municipal Heritage Inventory (2011) Process

A review of the Shire of Denmark's Municipal Heritage Inventory (2011) has commenced and the community are invited to comment on current listings and/or nominate new places for consideration. Click on the following links to read more about the review process and/or to download the nomination form:

MHI (2011) Review Process: Information Sheet

MHI Nomination Form  

Municipal Heritage Inventory (2011)

One of the major functions of the Municipal Heritage Inventory (2011) is to provide sound information relating to places of heritage value in the district. This information will assist the Shire of Denmark to make important decisions about the future management of the places on the Inventory.

The Municipal Heritage Inventory (2011) document was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on the 28th June 2011 (Res No: 150611) and as part of an annual review process was amended at the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on the 19th August 2014 (Res No: 120814).

Below is the Municipal Heritage Inventory document broken into several sections:

MHI - Section 1



The Process

The Thematic Framework

Select Bibliography

The Inventory

Place Record Form



MHI - Section 2

'Town' Place Record Forms

MHI - Section 3

'Denmark' Place Record Forms

MHI - Section 4

'Hay' Place Record Forms

MHI - Section 5

'Kordabup' Place Record Forms

MHI - Section 6

'Kent' Place Record Forms

MHI - Section 7

'Bow' Place Record Forms

MHI - Section 8

'Frankland' Place Record Forms

MHI - Section 9

List of Heritage Sites

Photos of Heritage Sites

Heritage Listing Information

Aboriginal Heritage

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan - Kwoorabup Beelia (Denmark River) - July 2011

Indigenous Dual Naming of Iconic Geographical Features in the Shire of Denmark

If you have any queries relating to Heritage please contact Planning Services at the Shire on 08 9848 0300 or via email enquiries@denmark.wa.gov.au.