Online Form - Register Your Interest - SMS Alerts

The Shire of Denmark is setting up a SMS (Short Message System) alert function to let people know what is going on within various departments of the Shire of Denmark and is seeking your interest.

Below is a list of the initial SMS Alerts that you will be able to choose to receive and a brief description of the types of information you may receive – 

Emergency Services Information

Local alerts and/or advice regarding bushfires, upcoming prescribed burns, harvest/vehicle bans, etc. (Please Note: this does not override the Department of Fire & Rescue (DFES) Emergency Alert Warning System).

Recreation Centre Information

Changes to class times, changes to opening/closing hours of Recreation Centre etc.

Engineering Information

Road closures, roadworks, heavy haulage notifications etc.

Rates Notice Information

Final notice reminders etc.

Library Information

Information regarding Library Services and upcoming events at the Library.

General Shire Information

Dog & cat renewals, upcoming Shire events etc.

Please complete your details below if you wish to receive further information regarding the SMS facility -

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