Proposed Road Closures

Published on Wednesday, 16 August 2023 at 12:59:12 PM

Notice is hereby given that the Shire of Denmark proposes to close Paxillus Way and Macartney End and amalgamate these roads with Reserve 41390 (Denmark Airfield). Importantly, the proposal does not affect the current functioning of the Airfield, it is intended to formalise these roads as suitable for joint use by aircraft and vehicles.

Submissions on the proposed road closure may be made in writing and sent to Shire of Denmark, PO Box 183, Denmark, WA, 6333. Submissions should be lodged on or before 22 September 2023.

Council has resolved to advertise the proposed closure for public comment for a minimum of 35 days in accordance with Section 58 (3) of the Land Administration Act 1997. This proposed road closure is available for inspection in order to provide an opportunity for public comment and it should not be construed that final approval will be granted.

This application is open for public comment until 22 September 2023.

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