Proposed Amendment to Kearlsey Road Structure Plan

Published on Tuesday, 21 December 2021 at 2:34:49 PM

Sam Williams Consulting have prepared an amended structure plan for land located at Lot 349 and Part Lot 9000 Kearsley Road, Denmark.  The amended structure plan proposes changes to the adopted Structure Plan including:

  • Larger lot sizes that seek to respond to issues around the quite steeply sloping land, facilitating development that is sensitive to the natural topography and addressing bushfire management issues;
  • Clearing of a portion of the existing vegetation in the western portion of Lot 349;
  • Ceding of a large portion of the vegetated area in the western portion of the property to public open space;
  • Inclusion of a second road along the western edge of the development area to provide a hard edge to the proposed residential area for fire management purposes; and
  • Replacing the proposed boulevard concept for the portion of Kearsley Road fronting Lot 349 with an alternate that widens Kearsley Road and retains vegetation.


Plans and documents setting out and explaining the amended structure plan are available for viewing at the Shire Offices, 953 South Coast Highway, Denmark during office hours (9am – 4pm Monday-Friday). The documents can also be downloaded by clicking here.  


Submissions on the structure plan can be lodged in writing and are to include the structure plan name, reference (PLN.60), the property affected and details of the submission and lodged with Planning Services, on or before close of business on Friday 11th February 2022.


Please note:  The structure plan is being advertised to seek public comment on the proposal.  The advertising of the structure plan does not indicate any formal support of the proposal by the Shire of Denmark or the Western Australian Planning Commission.


For further information please contact Planning Services on telephone 9848 0313 or email

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