Commercial Land uses in Residential Areas

Published on Wednesday, 23 August 2023 at 12:26:06 PM

Local Planning Policy No. 18 provides guidance for the establishment of tourism land uses in the Residential Zone.

On 15 August 2023 the Council adopted a draft revised Policy for public consultation.

The draft revised Policy proposes to increase the range of commercial land uses and zones that the Policy relates to, but does not change the land uses that may be permitted (which is specified in Town Planning Scheme No. 3).

The draft revised Policy aims to:

  • Enable the establishment of small-scale commercial and tourism businesses as a means of income, employment and economic development.
  • Limit the scale of businesses to avoid detrimental impacts on the character and amenity of established residential neighbourhoods.

Community feedback is invited on the draft revised policy, which can be viewed at or at the Shire’s Administration office.

Comments can be made in writing by: 

Plans of the proposal can be viewed at Your Denmark or at the Shire's offices.

Public consultation is open until Monday 25th September 2023

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