Livestock & Wildlife

Owners of livestock in Denmark are responsible for ensuring their fences and gates are capable of containing their animals within the boundaries of the property.

Livestock wandering onto either public land or other private property may cause accident or injury and owners are liable for any damages. Should rangers be called upon to remove stock from the road or impound livestock the owner will incur poundage fees and an infringement.



Ranger Services are trained and have a licence for the capture and relocation of snakes, they will also handle injured or dead kangaroos but generally don’t deal with wildlife.

Wildlife is managed by DPAW - Department of Parks and Wildlife who have their own rangers: The Walpole Office can be contacted on telephone 9840 0400 or visit their website at

Some Commonly Asked Questions

What do I do if I see a dead kangaroo? 

Report it to Shire of Denmark Ranger Services and arrangements will be made for its removal.

What if I find an injured kangaroo?

Shire of Denmark Ranger Services can assess whether the kangaroo is able to be assisted medically or not. It may have a Joey in which case we will need to give it to a wildlife carer.

What if I have problems with bees ?

Do not upset or stir them. Leave them alone and call a professional.

What do I do if I find a snake in my house or garden?

Please call Ranger Services 0488 909 650  or 0429 482 244  who will, if possible, catch and relocate the snake (fees do apply). Please do not try to catch or kill the snake yourself. Many snake bites occur due to people attempting to kill the snake themselves. To assist with the capture of the snake, try to observe from a distance.