Structure Plans

Structure plans (incorporating reports and associated plans/maps) provide a guiding framework for subdivision and development. Structure plans nominate land use arrangements, transport networks, open space systems, utility networks, urban water management land requirements and development standards over an area of land, and where relevant serve to coordinate the provision of land use, community facilities (such as schools, parks and roads), services and infrastructure.

Structure plans are particularly important in areas that have fragmented or multiple ownership. Structure Plans form the basis upon which subsequent subdivision guide plans, scheme amendments and subdivision have been approved/endorsed.

The following Structure Plans had been adopted by Council and/or endorsed by the Western Australian Planning Commission:

  • McLean Road/Kearsley Road Local Structure Plan for Lots 348, 349 & 350 McLean/Kearsley & Mt Shadforth Roads – originally adopted by Council on 25 March 2010 and the WAPC on 17 August 2010 and formed part of Scheme Amendment 106 which was approved by the Minister for Planning and subsequently gazetted on 23 August 2011. Amendments to the structure plan were endorsed by the WAPC on 9 August 2023.