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Waste Services

McIntosh Road and Peaceful Bay Transfer Stations

Domestic and commercial waste and recycling is accepted at McIntosh Road and Peaceful Bay Transfer Stations. Information regarding the types of waste accepted, operating hours and disposal fees is available from the Shires Information Pamphlet at the link below.

Please note both transfer stations are CASH ONLY facilities and cheques will not be accepted.

Infrastructure Services Waste Documents and Forms

Domestic Rubbish Pickups

Domestic rubbish in Shire of Denmark Town-sites is collected by the Shire of Denmark Monday to Friday depending on the area. All domestic residences must purchase a 120L wheelie bin and must display their individual bin sticker. All bins must be placed on the road verge by 6.00am on the morning of your scheduled pickup.

Fortnightly Rubbish Pickups

Any person with a Domestic Rubbish Pickup is entitled to have a fortnightly rubbish pickup. If commenced at the start of a financial year the full rebate will be deducted from the Rates Notice. If commenced during the year a pro-rata rebate will be issued in the form of a cheque.

The rebate can be obtained by filling out a Kerbside Waste Amendment Form at the Shire office or on our website at Waste Documents. A new sticker to display on the front of your bin will be issued to indicate your service collection frequency, green for a weekly pick up and yellow for fortnightly.

Weekly and Fortnightly Rubbish/Recycling Pickup Calendars

Below are links to the Waste Collection Calendars for the Shire of Denmark together with information relating to Recycling & Waste Sites also available under the Waste Documents webpage.

For the current Fees & Charges please refer to Council's Fees & Charges Schedule 2017/18.

For further information please contact the Shire on (08) 9848 0322 or via email

Waste Collection Service Calendar- see below for your area

Map Showing Rubbish Areas

Map Showing Recycling Areas

Recycling Information

Weekly Domestic Refuse Collection

Waste Site Information - McIntosh Refuse Site  &  Peaceful Bay Refuse Site


Holiday Accommodation Premises

Any residential premises operating as Home Holiday Accommodation or Bed & Breakfast etc. can purchase a 240 litre wheelie bin and have a commercial rubbish pickup at the relevant commercial rate. A commercial bin sticker must be displayed indicating the selected collection frequency, once a week or twice a week.

Rural Properties

All rural property owners are required to take their rubbish to either the McIntosh Road Waste Transfer Station or the Peaceful Bay Waste Site. Information regarding waste accepted, operating hours and disposal fees is available from our Information Pamphlet for Refuse Disposal at the Infrastructure Services Waste Documents and Forms page.

Rural residents can take their recycling to the McIntosh Road Refuse Site free of charge if sorted or charged if not separated from general waste items.

Please see our drumMUSTER Information Document for information on the Shires drumMUSTER collection point at McIntosh Road Refuse Site. The drumMUSTER program provides a free service for farmers to responsibly dispose of used chemical containers.

Commercial Operations

Commercial operators within Shire of Denmark Town-sites can request a rubbish and/or recycling service. Operators can purchase a 240L wheelie bin, available from the Shire. Rubbish pickup options are once weekly on Monday or twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays. A sticker with the properties assessment number will be issued once applications are approved, and must be displayed on the bin in the location demonstrated below. Dark yellow stickers indicate a once weekly pick up service and white stickers indicate a twice weekly pick up service.

Commercial Bin Sticker Location


Recycling is collected every fortnight from the Denmark Town-site by Cleanaway. Commercial operators are encouraged to purchase a recycling service if they are within the contractors collection area. A service can be requested by filling out a Kerbside Waste Amendment Form at the Shire office or on our website at Waste Documents.

If you are in the Residential area please contact the Shire Office for a Recycling Calendar pertaining to your area.

Green Skills Tip Shop

Green Skills operate the Tip Shop at the McIntosh Road Transfer Station. The shop is open during normal operating hours and will accept recyclable items at the Site Operator’s direction. For more information please follow this link to

Waste Services Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Please see our Waste Services Frequently Asked Questions FAQs if you have any questions or for further information please contact the Shires Waste & Compliance Officer on (08) 9848 0349 or email