Memorials are a permanent symbol of remembrance and play an important role in recording the history of a community and the role of families within that community.  A memorial plays an important part in the grieving process and forms a link between the past, present and future, helping to unify families and generations.

A Memorial is often associated with the placement of cremated remains (ashes) and the interval between cremation and a memorial can vary - some families choose to place a memorial very soon after the cremation, while others choose to take more time. Memorials can be placed with or without ashes - some families choose to scatter ashes or keep them in a special place other than a Cemetery.  Memorials can also be placed on family graves, where there is a current Grant of Right.

The Denmark Cemetery has three Niche Walls - Jacksonii, Ficifolia and Kingia Australis (named after flora which is native to Denmark) and a Memorial Tree.  Other memorial areas and gardens have been included in the Cemetery's Development Concept Plan and will be available once these areas have been established.

Memorials at the Denmark Cemetery are placed in perpetuity.

If you would like more information, please contact Cheralynne at the Shire Office or (08) 9848 0300.

Memorial Tree

The Memorial Tree was commissioned by the Shire in recognition of the Denmark Cemetery’s centenary  in 2010.  The Tree design reflects the might of the trees of the Great Southern and is a symbol of remembrance and respect.

The empty spaces symbolise an imprint or memory of the might of trees which becomes a metaphor for the family and friends who have passed.  The circular imprints in the seat are inspired by the tree rings which act as a metaphor for age and wisdom.

A green and gold, bronze leaf provides a small but lasting tribute, perhaps for a loved one whose ashes have been scattered or interred elsewhere, and provides a tangible link to a life lived. 

memorial tree  Bronze Leaf sample for Memorial Tree