Shire of Denmark Localities

The Shire of Denmark consists of seventeen localities, similar to suburbs in the metropolitan area. These localities are used in property addressing, for locating properties in an emergency, and for post. The current localities were gazetted in early 2002.  

Bow Bridge Named after the Bow Bridge place name, which is an area where the South Coast Highway crosses the Bow River.
Denmark This locality is situated over the Denmark townsite. Both the townsite and the Denmark River were named after physician Dr Alexander Denmark RN.
Hay Named after the Hay forest block, which in turn is named after the Hay River. The Hay River was named after Robert William Hay, the then permanent Under Secretary for the Colonies in 1829.
Hazelvale Named after the Hazelvale place name and homestead. Hazelvale was also gazetted as a locality comprising Groups 138 and 139, situated five miles north-east of the Walpole Townsite, on 30 May 1947.
Kentdale Named after the Kentdale place name.
Kordabup Named after the Kordabup railway siding on the former Denmark to Nornalup railway line. The name of the siding was named after the Kordabup River. In the local Aboriginal language, “Korda” means a husband or wife betrothed or married, so Kordabup may have been a place where ceremonies took place and betrothed partners, on reaching marriage age, started life together. [original source of meaning from Denmark Historical Society]
Mount Lindesay Named after the Mount Lindesay place name and geographical feature.
Mount Romance Named after the Mount Romance geographical feature.
Nornalup Named after the Nornalup place name and from the nearby Borbalup Siding. Nornalup is a local Aboriginal name meaning the place of the norne (black snake) – “Nor-Nor-Nup”.
Ocean Beach Named after Ocean Beach, which is Denmark’s main swimming and surfing location.
Parryville Named after the Parryville place name.
Peaceful Bay Named after the Peaceful Bay place name and geographical feature.
Scotsdale Named after the Scotsdale place name.
Shadforth Named after the Mount Shadforth geographical feature.
Tingledale Named after the place name of Tingledale.
Trent Named after the Trent forestry block, which may have been named after the Trent River in England.
William Bay Named after the William Bay place name and geographical feature. William Bay is named after Sir "William" Edward Parry RN, a famous British Arctic explorer and navigator. 

 The following map shows the localities of the Shire of Denmark:

Locality Map