Email My Rate Notice

The Shire of Denmark is pleased to offer its ratepayers the opportunity to receive their rate notice via email. This convenient service saves paper and offers a quick and easy way for people to receive their rate notice.

To receive your rate notice via email, please complete the form located at the following link:


Please note:

  1. Only the owner of a property is permitted to register for the emailing of rate notices; not property managers and tenants.
  2. A separate registration form is required to be submitted for each owner of a property, and also for each property that an owner owns.
  3. Registration forms must be submitted fourteen days before the date of issue of the next rate notice, for the registration to take effect.
  4. You are responsible for ensuring that you check your inbox daily, including your spam and junk email folders, to retrieve and view any Shire of Denmark email.  You are advised to add the domain name to your safe senders list, within your email program.
  5. Rate notices that are included in this service are:
  • the annual rate notice issued between July and September, at the beginning of each financial year; and,
  • each instalment reminder issued between 35 and 28 days before the due date of the instalment.

       f. Rate notices that are not included in this service are:

  • reissued rate notices; and,
  • updated rate notices; and,
  • interim notices; and,
  • final notices.                                                                                                                    

You will require the following information to complete the form:

  • Assessment Number
  • Surname/Family Name and Other Given Names
  • Postal Address
  • Email Address

The following information is optional on the form:

  • Residential Address
  • Home, Mobile and Work Phone Numbers
  • Fax Number

IMPORTANT:  once the REGISTER button is clicked on the form, you will receive a confirmation email.  You must click on the link provided in the confirmation email to finalise your registration.  If you do not click on that link, then your registration will not be received by the Shire of Denmark. 

When you click on the REGISTER button on the form, you declare that you have read and understood and accepted all the information presented on this page (including the information in the Frequently Asked Questions) and the information on the form, and you also declare that you consent to the Shire of Denmark using your email address to deliver rate notices and for all other correspondence that the Shire of Denmark is permitted to email to you in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Act 2011 and Spam Act 2003. 

For further information about the service, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.


To deregister from this service, please advise the Shire of Denmark via our Contact page.