Parking, Abandoned or Impounded Vehicles


To ensure the safe flow of traffic at all times, Rangers monitor parking throughout the district, focusing on safety around our schools and CBD.

ACROD Parking

Dedicated ACROD bays are for people with mobility disabilities. These bays are larger than normal and are clearly marked with signposted and blue road markings.

Only vehicles clearly displaying a valid ACROD permit can park in an ACROD bay. Should all of the ACROD bays be taken the permit holder can choose to park elsewhere and the permit allows the following concession: Except for time specified ACROD bays, the permit holder can park in a parking bay for twice the time permitted on the parking sign ie: a one hour time limit becomes a two hour time limit.

For more information please visit  the National Disability Services ACROD Parking Scheme website :

Why are there time limits on certain bays?

Some parking bays have time restrictions - this is to encourage the ongoing flow of traffic.

If there were no restrictions, people would park there all day and prevent others from accessing the area.

Can trucks park in residential areas?

Trucks can only park on the verge for four hours in any day or for one hour on the road. These laws are enforced by rangers and parking officers to minimise truck noise and enhance the quality of life for neighbours.

Who can park in a Loading Zone?

Only a commercial vehicle that is actively loading or unloading their vehicle.

How long can I park my trailer/caravan/boat on the verge?

No longer than 24 hours. It should be stored behind the property line.

Am I allowed to park on a footpath to avoid blocking a busy road?

Footpaths, as the name implies, are designed for pedestrians, prams, bicycles, wheelchairs and gophers therefore parking is prohibited.


For the safety of all, please ensure to place shopping trolley’s in the designated bays provided and not left on footpaths in the way of pedestrians and vehicles.

How do I appeal a parking infringement?

You can either write a letter or email to the Shire of Denmark Chief Executive Officer and state you case for consideration. Please include permits relevant to your claim.


Ranger Services also enforce the Control of Vehicles (Off-road Areas) Act 1978 to deal with illegal off road vehicle use throughout the district, unless being an authorised vehicle there is NO ACCESS allowed to Shire reserves, walk trails or paths without a permit.


Ranger Services ensure the speedy removal of abandoned or wrecked vehicles in public areas under Local Laws.

What is an abandoned vehicle?

An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle that has been left stationary and unattended for a period of time. This may be on verges, beaches, reserves or public land.

What can be done if I see an abandoned vehicle?

The details of the vehicle and location can be reported to the Shire of Denmark's Ranger Services. Rangers will attend and place a notice on the vehicle requesting the vehicle be removed within 24 hours. Should the vehicle remain, the vehicle will be towed to the impound facility at the vehicle owners expense.