Kerbside Recycling

Recycling is collected every fortnight from the Denmark Town-site by Cleanaway. Commercial operators are encouraged to purchase a recycling service if they are within the contractors collection area. A service can be requested by filling out a Kerbside Waste Amendment Form at the Shire office or on our website at Waste Documents and Forms.

If you are in the Residential area please contact the Shire Office for a Recycling Calendar pertaining to your area.

Follow this link to see The Good Egg's Guide to Recycling

Are You Recycling Correctly?

Let’s recycle better and decrease our recycling contamination rate by:

  • Putting recyclables in your bin loose. Don’t put plastic bags in your recycling bin or bag your recyclables before placing in the bin.
  • Reuse plastic bags or take to your supermarket for soft plastics recycling. Plastic bags interfere with machinery at the Material Recovery Facility so should not be placed in your recycling bin.
  • Wash your recyclables and remove plastic lids and place these inside a plastic container to be recycled.
  • Metal lids can be recycled by placing these inside metal cans- half fill cans and squeeze gently to close. These will be picked up by the magnet at the recycling facility to be recycled.
  • Clean cardboard, cartons and pizza boxes can be recycled- put waxed cardboard in your domestic waste and make sure pizza boxes are not soiled with food.
  • Garden waste should be composted or put in your domestic waste bin – not in your recycling.

Soft Plastics Recycling

 For information about soft plastics recycling see the Sustainability Section

Website Links

  • For an overview of waste management in WA and how you can be part of positive change visit the Waste Authority
  • For an A-Z list of products and how to dispose of them visit the Recycle right
  • Information for businesses- Business Recycling

Organics Recycling

Organics make up on average 60% of the waste in your kerbside garbage bin. This produces dangerous methane gas as it breaks down in landfill. You can easily avoid this if you start composting at home.  Home composting is a lot easier than you might think. For tips on home composting visit the following website or call the Shire to find out how you can easily get composting started at home.

Household Hazardous Waste Program

The Waste Authority provides funding for the project which is administered by WALGA. The HHW program provides funding for the safe collection and disposal of household hazardous waste. The nearest Regional collection point for Shire of Denmark residents is the City of Albany’s Hanrahan Road Landfill.

For information about what materials are accepted under the program please read the Household Hazardous Waste information pamphlet.

Please note that this program is provided for domestic quantities only. For disposal options for commercial quantities of materials please contact an independent hazardous chemical disposal company.

DrumMuster Program

DrumMUSTER provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a recycling pathway for eligible empty agvet chemical containers.

The DWMR Facility is a collection site for the drumMUSTER program managed by Agsafe. For information on the program and the containers accepted free of charge follow this link

Battery and Light Bulb Recycling

Help keep batteries and light bulbs OUT of landfill and OUT of your kerbside recycling bin.

As landfill, they can leach toxic heavy metals into soil and water and lithium batteries can become dangerous if damaged or over-heated. Batteries and light bulbs in your recycling bin can contaminate your other recyclables.

Most of the materials which make up batteries and light bulbs can be recycled into other products. Old batteries can become new batteries and light bulbs can be broken down to make insulation and mercury.

The Shire of Denmark offers residents FREE drop-off locations for batteries and light bulbs at the Shire Administration building and the Denmark Waste Management & Reuse Facility. So, bring in your household batteries and light bulbs next time you stop by.

If you need further information on household recycling, contact the Shire on phone 9848 0300. 

Click here for the Shire’s waste and recycling program and available services. 

E-Waste & Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile phones can be recycled as part of the Mobile muster program which is funded by industry partners. A mobile phone drop-off point is located at the Denmark Community Resource Centre on Strickland Street.

For more information about the Mobile muster program visit the website: 

The Shire of Denmark has a collection point for televisions, computers, printers, computer parts and peripherals. This collection is located at the Denmark Waste Management and Reuse Facility (DWMRF) and is supported by the Australian Government’s National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. Other electronic items such as kitchen and bathroom appliances are not accepted under the scheme.