Containers for Change Refund Point at Denmark Waste Management Reuse Facility (DWMRF)

Containers for Change at Denmark Tip

Bring your eligible containers to receive 10c per container.

Regular hours of operation - Wednesdays and Saturdays - 12 noon to 4pm  

Bag Drop - Any time during DWMRF operating hours

Visit Containers for Change website for further information on the program.

Community Engagement Initiative

The Shire is hosting an Information Session with local Community Groups to encourage participation and networking. 

Information Session

Eligible Containers

Containers must be clean with lids removed to be eligible.  

Bulk Quantities

When dropping off containers in large quantities, it is recommended to have a Scheme ID to allow the customer to perform a Bag Drop and reduce waiting time. Drop-offs of bulk quantities will require completion of a Refund Declaration. This form is available at the Gate House or the CDS Shed during operating hours.

Bag Drop Outside of CDS Operating Hours

Outside of regular CDS Shed Operating hours containers can be dropped off at a designated area adjacent to the DWMRF Gate House to be counted throughout the week. Vessels holding the containers must be labeled with Scheme ID, name and phone number. They must be secure and easy to transfer.

Vessels used for drop off the containers are required to be collected promptly once counting has taken place.

In the event that containers are excessively soiled or predominantly ineligible, they will not be processed.

Drop-offs of bulk quantities will require completion of a Refund Declaration. This form is available at the Gate House, please ask the attendant for assistance.

Four Reasons to Participate in Containers for Change!

1. Help keep precious resources out of landfill and litter out of the environment. 44% of litter in WA is beverage containers.
2. Support local causes, groups and charities by donating your refund to them to help them reach their goal.
3. Teach the kids about the value of community, work, and the importance of recycling.
4. All revenue made by the Denmark Tip Refund Point for sorting materials for recycling is reinvested back into the Denmark community via improved waste services, employment, and support for community projects.


Containers for Change refund point at Denmark Waste Management Reuse Facility.