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Below you will find information about dog ownership in the Shire of Denmark including;

Dog Registration

Dog Exercise Areas

Dog Pound


Within the Shire of Denmark all dogs are required to be registered and micro chipped.

Why do I need to register my dog?

Not only is it law under the Dog Act 1976 for all dogs over three months to be registered, it is also important for both the general community and their dogs that Council has a record of dogs and their owners. Registration allows Council to provide for better facilities and conditions for responsible dog owners.

The benefits of registration are:

  • Positive identification of your dog
  • Reuniting lost or injured dogs with their owners
  • Investigation and resolution of dog problems

The period of registration (or dog year) runs from 1 November to 31 October, regardless of when the dog is actually registered. Current registrations can be transferred between local councils within Western Australia.

Only two dogs are permitted to be kept at any one residence. You may keep puppies until they reach the age of three months. Should you wish to keep more than two dogs then you must make an application to Council.

Registration Fees

Sterilised – 1 year $20.00              Unsterilised – 1 year $50.00

Sterilised – 3 year $42.50              Unsterilised – 3 year $120.00

Sterilised – Lifetime $100.00        Unsterilised – Lifetime $250.00

Pensioner ½ of registration fee

Working Dog ¼ of registration fee


  1. You will need to provide a certificate of sterilisation and micro-chip details from your vet.
  2. Pensioners also receive a discount of 50% off the above fees when producing their current pension card.

Registration can be completed at Shire of Denmark Administration 953 South Coast Hwy, Denmark WA 6333 Ph (08) 9848 0300

Mon – Fri  between  the hours of 9.00am – 4.00pm

Download a Dog Registration Form - this form also includes important information for dog owners.


Rangers encourage all dog owners to read the Dog Exercise Area brochure, to be considerate of all beach/reserve users and to adhere to the Control Requirements outlined.

Council Policy P050203 outlines all dog areas which you can read on the "Dog Areas" page of this website.