Firebreak & Fuel Management Notice

The Firebreak & Fuel Management Notice is issued under Section 33 of the Bush Fire Act 1954. The fire mitigation measures contained in the Notice are required by law and penalties of up to $5,000 may be issued for non-compliance.

Works in accordance with this notice must be carried out before the 1st day of December each year, or within 14 days of becoming the owner or occupier of land if after this date. All fire mitigation works specified in this Notice is to be maintained up to, and including, the 30th day of April in the following calendar year.

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Fire Management Notice 2019/20

Lots zoned Residential, Industrial, Commercial & Professional Office size 2500m2 or less

  • Reduce fuel load from the whole of the land such that the fire fuel is maintained to a maximum of 2 tonnes per hectare or;
  • 5 tonnes per hectare for predominately Karri bush areas
  • Isolated trees and managed vegetation may generally be maintained

2 (A) Lots zoned Residential, Industrial & Commerical size greater than 2500m2

Establish and maintain an Asset Protection Zone in line with the requirements of Section 8 of this Notice. Vehicular access such as driveways within this zone is required to allow for the safe travel of emergency and other vehicles at all times. Minimum standard for this access is a 6 metre horizontal clearance with a 4 metre trafficable surface and 4.5 metre vertical axis, including a suitable turnaround for a large fire appliance a radius of 10 metres.

For the remainder of the land on the lot outside of the Asset Protection Zone:

  • Maintain all grass on the land to a height no greater than 10cm
  • Maintain a maximum fuel load in natural bush areas of 8 t/ha or 15 t/ha for predominately Karri Bush areas
  • Ensure no tree crowns overhang a building
  • Prune trees and shrubs, and remove dead flammable material within 2 metres of all buildings
  • Ensure the roofs, gutters and walls of all buildings on the land are free of flammable matter

2 (B) Lots sized greater than 5000m2.

In addition to the provisions of Requirement 2 (A)

  • Establish and maintain Low Fuel Boundary Access with a 6 metre width including a 4 metre trafficable surface and 4.5 metre vertical axis.

NOTE – Where any conditions listed in Requirements 2 (A) or 2 (B) are physically impractical to implement on a lot, the Shire may approve an Alternative Fire Management Arrangement via a Variation to Firebreak and Fuel Management Notice or Bush Fire Management Plan. Applications are available here

Land Zoned Special Rural, Special Residential, Landscape Protection, Tourist or Rural Multiple Occupancy

  • Comply with specific fire related provisions that relate to the Town Planning Scheme or relevant Bush Fire Management Plan
  • Comply with requirements 2 (A) and or 2 (B) as applicable

Rural Land

Establish and maintain an Asset Protection Zone in line with the requirements of Section 8 of this Notice around all habitable buildings (please consult the Shire for clearing regulations around any other buildings). Open pasture/grassed areas must generally be maintained to a height of not more than 100mm this includes:

  • Comply with Vehicular Access as per requirement 2 (A)
  • Low Fuel Boundary Access as per requirement 2 (B)
  • Open pasture/grassed areas must be managed to reduce fire fuel loads which must be maintained throughout the Restricted and Prohibited Burning Times. If livestock grazing occurs as part of a managed agricultural pursuit at commercial stocking rates as per the Dept of Agriculture & Food guidelines, pasture may exceed 100mm if approved by an Authorised Officer
  • Actively managed pastures, forming part of an agricultural pursuit, may exceed a 100mm height if approved by an Authorised Officer
  • Bush area exceeding 40ha must be compartmentalised into areas not exceeding 40ha. This access must have a 6 metre width with a 4 metre trafficable surface and 4.5 metre vertical clearance
  • Where access is longer than 100 metres passing places should be installed along accesses at a rate of 1 every 100 metres they should be 20 metres long and 6 metres wide. A turnaround point should be installed at a rate of 1 every 500m at a radius of 10 metres

Specific Hazards: Fuel Depot / Fuel Storage Area / Haystacks / Stockpiled Flammable 4 Material and Power & Telecommunication Infrastructure

  • Remove all flammable material within 10 metres of where fuel drums, fuel ramps or fuel dumps are located and where fuel drums, whether containing fuel or not, are stored
  • Install and maintain Low Fuel Zone, 4 metres wide immediately surrounding any haystacks or stockpiled flammable material
  • Install and maintain Low Fuel Zone, 1 metre wide immediately surrounding any power infrastructure (domes, poles etc)
  • For telecommunications infrastructure contact/consult with the relevant Shire department

Plantations, any area which trees have been planted for commercial purposes

The Shire of Denmark has adopted the Guidelines for Plantation Fire Protection developed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. This requires all plantations in the Shire of Denmark to adhere to these guidelines.