Building in a Bushfire Prone Area

Large areas of the Shire of Denmark are prone to bushfires due to the nature of our topography, vegetation and climate.  Effective from the 8th April 2016 the State Government has introduced the Bushfire Planning Reforms to help protect lives and property against the threat of bushfires throughout Western Australia.  These reforms introduce new requirements for people intending to develop and/or build in bushfire prone areas, including the need to assess a property’s bushfire risk and take additional construction measures to limit the impact of bushfires.


The new bushfire planning requirements apply to all new development proposals for habitable buildings (e.g. house, holiday accommodation, ancillary accommodation, etc.) or specified buildings in areas designated as bushfire prone on the Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas (unless exemptions apply).

You can identify your property on the Map of Bush Fire Prone Areas by visiting the Landgate Bushfire Prone Areas website (click on link) . If your property is located within a bushfire prone area according to this map, you may need to undertake a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment.



The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) have prepared a number of ‘Fact Sheets’ that provide guidance on preparing development applications for both residential development and commercial development.  These are found at the links below:

Fact Sheet:      Building a House in or Near a City or Town

Fact Sheet:      Developing Mixed Use, Commercial, Industrial Buildings or Public Facilities (Class 4-9 Buildings)


Importantly, the Shire of Denmark requires the use of an Accredited Bushfire Provider, when preparing Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments in support of a development application.

To find a Accredited Bushfire Practitioner in your area, please click on the following link - Fire Protection Association of Australia (Find a Provider of Choice)   .



This information is intended as an overview of the current building and planning requirements in relation to building houses, ancillary dwellings and associated outbuildings in bushfire prone areas within the Shire of Denmark.  More information is available as follows:

Bushfire Publications

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety
Designated bush fire prone areas – Frequently asked questions

Department of Planning Lands and Heritage

Shire of Denmark

If you require further information from the Shires Planning Services, please contact (08) 9848 0313 or via email .