Community Health and Wellbeing Plan

Over the next few months, we will be asking you what health and wellbeing issues matter most to you to help inform the Shire’s new Community Health and Wellbeing Plan.

We will be seeking feedback via a number of channels to:

  • Find out what key health and wellbeing elements are important to the community
  • Identify the elements within the community which already support health and wellbeing
  • Identify ways of addressing priorities to promote better lifestyle choices.

We are also currently seeking community and stakeholder members to join the Community Health and Wellbeing Working Group which will assist in developing strategies for addressing health priorities. For more info on the working group or to submit an expression of interest click here.

The finished Plan’s ultimate aim is to ensure community health and wellbeing remains central to planning and decision making into the future.

Did you know your health is influenced by your individual choices as well as the conditions in which you grow, live, work and play?

What Makes Us Healthy?

We know what makes us healthy, but how healthy are we? Here’s the key health and wellbeing data for the Shire of Denmark

How Healthy is the Shire of Denmark?

Upcoming opportunities for feedback

  • Social media poll
  • Survey via the website
  • Community engagement workshop
  • Join the Community Health and Wellbeing Plan - Public Health Working Group