Wilson Inlet Opening Protocol Info Session

Published on Tuesday, 28 September 2021 at 1:43:54 PM

The Shire of Denmark last week hosted an information session for the Wilson Inlet Sandbar Opening Protocol Review with key stakeholders invited by Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) to discuss what is arguably Denmark’s most talked about annual event with representatives from the review working group.

The information session was the first stage of community consultations connected to the review process which is currently underway.

The Shire of Denmark is represented on the review working group, along with other relevant State and Local Government agencies.

The group is working on a review which includes consideration of the decision-making tool used in conjunction with the Wilson Inlet opening protocol, with this first information session organised to discuss relevant ecological factors.

Wednesday’s discussion covered water quality, shorebirds, fish and crustaceans, seagrass, foreshore vegetation, recreational and professional fishing with participants invited to give feedback and to share information.

Shire of Denmark Chief Executive Officer David Schober said it was great to see the collaboration in the room with constructive preliminary information sharing and discussion.

“The opening of the Wilson Inlet each year is, and should be, a big event for our community for many reasons,” Mr Schober said.

“There is interest in this annual decision right across our community from land owners and farmers to surfers, fishers and bird-watchers so we are pleased to be involved in the consultation process for this review and pleased to know the community at large will be invited to comment in addition to the key stakeholders who have already been identified and contacted.”

“We absolutely encourage community members to reach out to DWER if they have thoughts and feedback they wish to share on the Wilson Inlet opening protocol.”

Broader community consultation on the opening protocol and decision-making tool will be invited by DWER during later stages of the review process.



Image by Nic Duncan photographer

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