Public Written Statement - Special Electors Meeting

Published on Wednesday, 20 April 2022 at 9:19:44 AM

The Denmark Shire Council, in response to the Special Electors Meeting, held on 8 March 2022, issues the following statement:

We hereby respectfully acknowledge those in our community who, for a variety of reasons, feel unable or unwilling to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and feel aggrieved by the current State Government restrictions and mandates relating to non-vaccinated people. We also acknowledge those in our community who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

As a Council, we want you to know that we have heard your stories of family and personal ill-effects from historical and contemporary vaccinations and your claims of injury from vaccinations, particularly the Covid-19 vaccinations. We also note that many of you believe that you have been subject to significant community pressure to get vaccinated or to comply with other restrictions such as mask-wearing. We note that many of you consider that your human rights have been infringed upon.

Notwithstanding the regard we have for your feelings, fears and ethical concerns, we recognise that vaccination has historically succeeded in saving millions from death or disability. Advice to us from the WA Health Department is that vaccination against Covid-19 reduces the risk of developing symptoms, becoming seriously ill and death, as well as reducing the likelihood of passing the disease to others.

We are confident that no one in our community has enjoyed the restrictions that Covid-19 has brought to Western Australia. We note that the State Government is already reviewing restrictions and mandates as the public health risk diminishes and has signaled an intent to further unwind these mandates when it is safe to do so.

The Denmark Shire Council accepts that the State Government’s actions have caused real distress for those in the community who choose not to get vaccinated, but Council notes that our community, for reasons of age and socio-economic background, is more vulnerable than the average WA population. Council is satisfied that these restrictions and mandates have, overall, served our community well. Notwithstanding, Council is pleased these restrictions and mandates will be reviewed as the State Government deems it safe to do so.

We intend to take no action with regards to the decisions made at the Special Meeting of Electors at this time.

Finally, it is important to us as a Council that we stay united as a community, whatever our personal beliefs. During these difficult and challenging times, we are neighbours, colleagues, volunteers and carers within our community. We hope our community will continue to be defined by our respect for one another and remain optimistic for a swift conclusion to the Covid19 pandemic for the benefit of the entire community.


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