Parry Beach Community Consultation Now Open

Published on Tuesday, 11 May 2021 at 4:16:47 PM

Work has commenced on the development of a Master Plan for Parry Beach and the surrounding reserve, including an upcoming community workshop and the release of a community survey.

It’s all about investigating the pressures the pristine Parry Beach coastline is currently facing and will likely face in the future. Local consultancy Bio Diverse Solutions was engaged to develop a Master Plan to guide the future direction of Parry Beach with a focus on understanding the capacity of the reserve as environmental and visitor demands increase.

Coastal erosion and increasing visitor numbers will be forecast and considered within a scope of the next 10 years in order to devise a plan to mitigate and manage those pressures accordingly.

The Parry Beach Master Plan is intended to be a culmination of precinct planning, environmental management planning, and mitigation planning, encompassing three main themes:
• Identifying community and stakeholder expectations for the Parry Beach reserve
• Consideration of operational needs
• Land capacity to handle increasing environmental and visitor pressures

“The Parry Beach reserve is an incredibly important part of not only our natural landscape, but also of our community life,” Shire of Denmark Chief Executive Officer David Schober said.

“Parry Beach is a special place to all of us and as the numbers of visitors welcomed to our Shire continue to grow, this master plan development comes at an important time for us to identify the usage demands unique to the area.”

The Parry Beach campground is currently managed by a group of dedicated volunteers from the local community, who have cared for the site for many years.

“The consultation for this master plan will start with reaching out to the Parry Beach Voluntary Management Group and other stakeholders, but we want to hear from our residents and ratepayers at large as well,” Mr Schober said.

“Everyone in the community should have the chance to contribute to this consultation and have their say, which is why we’re encouraging everyone to visit our engagement platform ‘Your Denmark’ to learn more about how they can contribute.”

The community consultation launching today, includes a survey and community forum, and will feed into the development of the final Parry Beach Master Plan which is expected to be presented to Council by August.

The Parry Beach Master Plan Community Forum is scheduled to be held on Monday 24 May 2021 at 5:30pm in the Shire of Denmark Reception Room and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

To have your say in the community survey or to find out more about the Parry Beach Master Plan, visit 

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