New tourism model for Denmark gets Council's support

Published: Thursday, 23 July 2020 at 11:22:03 AM

The Shire of Denmark has given its in-principle support to the Denmark Chamber of Commerce to develop a new tourism model ahead of the Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc’s closure of the Denmark Visitor Centre on July 31.

The Denmark Chamber of Commerce, a strong advocate for tourism in the region with a large membership base, approached Councillors in June with a proposal for a new face-to-face and online visitor servicing model.

The Discover Denmark model focuses on a collaborative network of local businesses and attractions known as ‘touchpoints’ whose staff will be trained to deliver quality visitor servicing and information to visitors.

Online promotion, a printed directory, traditional advertising, events and campaigns also form the basis of the model.

Council requested DCC further develop the proposal and consult and engage with tourism industry providers and the wider community, with consultation sessions held on July 21 and 23.

The Amazing South Coast Tourism Inc, which has administered and run the Denmark Visitor Centre for the last two years, announced in February it would close the Visitor Centre due to the model being financially unsustainable.

ASCTI’s closure of the Visitor Centre mirrors the closure of bricks and mortar Visitor Centres across the country and is reflective of a model that appears to no longer serve the needs of the industry.

ASCTI have indicated that the Centre’s revenue from bookings has decreased on average by 40 per cent each year over the last three years.

In contrast, visitor numbers to Denmark have grown over the last two years according to Tourism WA data, with bookings increasingly being made online or directly with the provider, reducing the overall need to book accommodation via a Visitor Centre.

The destination marketing arm of the ASCTI will be its main focus following the move away from visitor servicing.

Shire Acting CEO David Schober said “the Shire is looking forward to supporting the Chamber in its endeavours to assist the tourism industry. We congratulate the Chamber’s Board and staff in working with industry to identify a sustainable approach to an ever-changing tourism and economic climate.”

The Chamber will present their final model to Council no later than November 1

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