Guiding Documents Adopted by Council

Published on Wednesday, 22 September 2021 at 1:53:53 PM

Denmark Shire Council last night adopted two key guiding documents which outline Council’s stated direction over the next ten years.

Both the Corporate Business Plan and Long Term Financial Plan were adopted with unanimous support at the September Ordinary Council Meeting, outlining Shire objectives for the coming years.

The Corporate Business Plan is the Shire’s four-year plan that provides direction on how the community vision outlined in the Strategic Community Plan Denmark 2027 will be activated, while the Long Term Financial Plan outlines the Shire’s 10 year financial position and its capacity to carry out the projects listed in the Corporate Business Plan.

Shire of Denmark Chief Executive Officer David Schober said both plans are important informing documents.

“These documents paint a clear picture of what’s on our agenda for the coming years,” Mr Schober said.

“I would encourage community members to dive into these documents to learn more about what is to be delivered by the Shire in the coming years.”

“It demonstrates how hard staff are working to deliver a wide range of projects and services from Civil Infrastructure and major Capital Works Projects to Community Services.”

“There’s a lot of work to be done to help us bring the projects outlined in the Corporate Business Plan to life in a financially responsible manner.”

Both the Corporate Business Plan and Long Term Financial Plan are available for download from the Shire of Denmark website.

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