Denmark Community COVID19 Update

Published on Tuesday, 2 February 2021 at 2:48:15 PM

Following the announcement of a five-day lockdown in the Perth, Peel and South West regions, community members in the Shire of Denmark are asked to follow all State Government health advice.

As part of the Great Southern region, Denmark is not currently under lockdown but residents are reminded that Walpole falls into the South West region and is therefore subject to the five-day lockdown. A police roadblock is in place at Nornalup and those needing to cross between the two regions will require a legitimate reason to travel.
Denmark is not under lockdown but all residents should be aware of the restrictions which apply to the lockdown period, including:
- People should not leave Perth, Peel or the South West during this period
- People can enter Perth, Peel or the South West only to access or deliver essential health and emergency services and other essential requirements
- Non-residents currently in Perth, Peel and the South West are required to remain until the end of the restriction period however if you must leave for serious reasons; you are to then return home immediately, stay home and tested if symptoms develop

Travellers who received a special exemption to travel home to the Shire of Denmark after 6pm on Sunday 31 January must undergo lockdown at home and adhere to the conditions imposed on residents in the Perth, Peel and South West regions. Travellers currently in the Shire of Denmark may travel home to the three regions under lockdown if they can show proof of residence in the area they are travelling to.
COVID19 restrictions can evolve quickly so community members are reminded to stay vigilant and monitor news for updates. As list of resources has been supplied below.

How can you help to reduce the risk in Denmark?
- Sign in with the SafeWA app or written register when visiting any local business
- Wash your hands regularly
- Keep a safe distance between yourself and other members of the public
- Stay at home if you feel unwell
- Remain calm, be patient and please don’t panic buy
- Stay up to date with Shire of Denmark communications by signing up to our SMS, newsletter and Facebook
- Monitor news for regular updates on the evolving situation

Let’s do our bit to stop the spread and to keep our beautiful community safe from COVID19.

Comment from the Shire of Denmark Acting CEO David Schober:
“Keeping our community safe from COVID19 is a collective effort,” Mr Schober said.
“Thank you to everyone in our Shire for following the guidelines as we work to stop the spread in WA.”

Community Resources
COVID19 updates from the State Government and other COVID19 related resources may be found here:
-  (SafeWA app updates)
-  (list of exposure sites available here)
- Coronavirus information hotline: 13 268 43

Shire of Denmark
Here’s how you can stay up-to-date with the latest information from Shire of Denmark:
- Sign up to our SMS alert system and community newsletter mailing list
- Follow Shire of Denmark on Facebook

Pages to follow on social media for timely COVID19 updates:
- Mark McGowan 
- WA Government News 
- ABC Great Southern 
- Denmark Police 

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