Council Adopts 2018/19 Budget

Published: Tuesday, 7 August 2018 at 11:56:54 AM

The 2018/19 budget contains a number of highlights underpinned by a 3% rate increase. Council’s decision to increase rates by 3% was influenced by a number of factors including the Shire’s broader financial and asset management position.

In response to these challenges, the 2018/19 budget is based upon two key elements;

  1. A renewed focus on maintaining existing assets
  2. A focus on improving the Shire’s ratio performance and overall Financial Health Indicator

The 2018/19 budget includes a $7.1m capital program. Of significance is $4.25m for roads, $2.1m for land and buildings and a $650k plant and equipment replacement program. Highlights within these programs include the completion of the McLean Park Redevelopment and Plane Tree Precinct, a new fire shed for the Ocean Beach Bushfire Brigade and the replacement of the Horsley Road Bridge.

A significant portion of the capital program is for the replacement or refurbishment of existing assets. This underpins good asset management, by focusing on renewing and improving what the Shire already owns.

To deliver the $4.25m road construction program, the Shire will use a combination of Shire staff and external contractors. The Shire has been working with the Denmark Chamber of Commerce to establish a panel of prequalified suppliers. This will enable the Shire to engage contractors quickly and efficiently.

According to the Shire President Councillor Ceinwen Gearon the Shire has been focussing on asset management for the past 18 months. “From the work undertaken to date, we know that we have historically underspent across our asset portfolios. To improve our financial position, Council has recognised the need to spend more money on our existing assets rather than expanding the Shire’s asset base”.

“To improve our asset management performance will take a long and sustained effort. This budget is the first step. This is a very responsible and considered budget. 18 months of asset management planning has informed the capital program” she said.

A combination of factors including the successful delivery of the 2018/19 capital program will have positive implications on the Shire’s ratio performance and as result should enhance the Shire’s Financial Health Indicator.

McLean Park

Plane Tree

McLean Oval

The 2018/19 budget includes the redevelopment of McLean Park. The project seeks to address drainage and surface quality issues.

To access the documents presented to Council for the Budget adoption on 31 July 2018 go to

Bill Parker


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