Community Helps Firefighters with Final Task

Published on Monday, 14 February 2022 at 3:06:17 PM

The Denmark community showed its gratitude for local firefighters on Saturday when impacted residents and admiring families descended on McLean Oval for the Community Fire Truck Wash Up.

After days of battling the blaze which threatened the Shire earlier this month, career and volunteer firefighters had one last task – their vehicles needed a wash down.

The Shire of Denmark called out for a helping hand and the community answered with sponges, buckets and plenty of energy.

Washing stations were set up at McLean Oval and as the dirt and soot washed away, the community goodwill remained.

Denmark Shire President Ceinwen Gearon said the event was a token of appreciation for the hard-working firefighters who did their best to keep the community safe.

“We went through a frightening few days as the bushfire emergency unfolded but our firefighters, along with countless other volunteers, organisations and businesses, put in an incredible effort, demonstrating commitment, resilience and grit,” Cr Gearon said.

“Last weekend, everyone went above and beyond and we thought, while we can’t all be on the fire ground, we could do something practical to help the effort by offering to wash the fire trucks.”

Cr Gearon said plans would be made at a later date for a whole of community thank you to recognise organisations including St Johns Ambulance, Denmark Police, SES and CWA in addition to the firefighting teams, but Saturday’s event was a first step.

“This was a chance for us to say thank you in the most practical way,” she said.

“And we look forward to recognising everyone who contributed to the firefighting effort once bushfire season has passed – I know there will be a lot of gratitude to go around.”

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