The Shire of Denmark provides rubbish, recycling and green waste collection to all residential properties within the town collection area. This collection is paid for via the kerbside waste collection charge on your rates notice.

The purpose of this rate is to provide funding for waste management into the future. In particular, it is for the establishment of new waste facilities and rehabilitation of the old sites. All properties within the City of Albany pay this rate and the money is held in the Waste Management Reserve Fund.

Cancellation of domestic kerbside rubbish collection in a town collection area, can only be requested after a developed property has been demolished and the notice of completion has been received. Ratepayers of properties with a domestic kerbside rubbish collection are automatically entitled to tipping passes and will have received these with the annual rate notice. If you did not receive your tipping passes, then please contact the Infrastructure Services team on 08 9848 0322 or email to

Kerbside Collection Documents can be downloaded from the link below: