Fire Mitigation Works 

The Shire of Denmark is currently completing the 2022/2023 mitigation program

These works may include mechanical or chemical methods such as:

> Mulching > Pruning > Slashing  > Chemical Spraying     > Drainage
> Prescribed Burning   > Cultural Burning    > Ploughing       > Hand Weeding > Access Road Construction

These works are funded by several sources including:

  • Mitigation Activities Fund
  • The Department of Fire and Emergency Services UCL/UMR program
  • Shire' of Denmark Strategic Fire Management Budget

Works in these programs are driven by the:

  • Bushfire Risk Management Plan
  • Bushfire Resilience in the Great Southern Program
  • State Planning Policy for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas
  • The Shire of Denmark Planning Policy and Subdivision Guide Plans

View or download the Bushfire Mitigation Terminology & Standards

Locations  A - Z

Access track Maloney Close Reserve to Ocean Beach Road-17883 Monkey Rock access road Denmark-18377 Reserve off Heritage trail between South Coast Hwy and Happy Valley Rd -17553
Anning Rd fire access track Denmark-5581 Mount Hallowell East from Pember Rd East to Ocean Beach Rd-18388 Reserve on Happy Valley Rd -17551
Bambrey Rd and Bayley St-18051 Mount Hallowell East trail from Pember Rd East to Water Corp asset-18391 Reserve Thornett Cove to Ocean Beach Rd Denmark-18381
Brazier St fire access Denmark-5756 Mt Hallowell Heather Rd Ocean Beach-18382 Sheoak Drive Hay-17849
Buckley St Denmark-5806 Mt Hallowell South Denmark-18050 Smith St Denmark-19003
Denmark Inlet-8653 Ocean Beach Denmark-18380 South of the Caravan park Ocean Beach Rd Denmark-18376
Fifth Ave Peaceful Bay-8634 Ocean Beach Fire Shed Ocean Beach Rd -18390 Standpipe near Monkey Rock trail Denmark-18378
Fire Shed William Bay-17848 Ocean Beach inlet Poddyshot Pl Denmark-18403 Ti Tree Lane Mount Shadforth Rd-19005
Hamilton Reserve 72 South Coast Hwy-17947 Off Forest Rd Ocean Beach Denmark-5730 Tyscoe Cl Denmark-8654
Hamilton Reserve 72 South Coast Hwy-17980 Off Lights Rd Ocean Beach-17915 Wilson Inlet Hay-18284
Harington Brk Ocean Beach Denmark-18406 Parrys Beach-18046 Wilson Inlet Hay-18291
Heritage trail behind DAM restaurant-17386 Peaceful Bay-8636 Wilson Inlet Hay-18292
Heritage trail behind The Dam restaurant-17387 Peaceful Bay-4859
Peaceful Bay - 8632
Inlet reserve Poddyshot Pl Ocean Beach-18402 Peaceful Bay-8635 Peaceful Bay - 8633
Jack Ricketts Drive Maloney Cl reserve track-18047 Peaceful Bay-8637 Heritage trail - 17584
Lights Rd Denmark-18013 Pember Rd West to Wyman trail Ocean Beach-18405 Denmark airport - 7952
Lights Rd Ocean Beach-7973 Reserve at intersection of Bullich Rd and Happy Valley Rd-17552
Macpherson Drive Nornalup-19009 Reserve Mt Hallowell to Lights Rd -17914
Maloney Cl Reserve Denmark-18048 Reserve off Anning Rd and Crowea Rd Denmark-17518
Maloney Cl Reserve Denmark-18049 Reserve off Flower Way Denmark-18937

Building Bushfire Resilience in the Great Southern (BRIGS Presentations) 

Weedon Hill Presentation

Ocean Beach Presentation

Peaceful Bay Presentation