Intention to Levy Differential Rates 2019/2020 (Closed)

The proposed rates for 2019/2020 are now being advertised (box below). Ratepayers are encouraged to make written submissions to the Shire regarding the proposed rates by 5pm 12th July 2019.

Rates explained

Rates are an annual payment made by property owners to the Local Government. Rates pay for the delivery of vital community services and infrastructure, such as roads, footpaths, parks, libraries and recreation centres - to name just a few.


How are my rates calculated?

Rates are calculated by multiplying a rate in the dollar (set by Council) by your property valuation (determined by the Valuer General’s Office, an independent State Government organisation).

Council sets the rate in the dollar as part of each year’s budget process. It is based on the Shire’s expenditure requirements, both operating and capital, offset by other forms of income such as government grants and fees for service.

All properties are valued on either a Gross Rental Value (GRV) basis or Unimproved Value (UV) basis. GRV is an estimate of the rent a property could earn in a year. UV refers to the site value of the property.

See what applies to your property by looking at last year’s rates notice (in the top right corner) or contacting the Shire of Denmark.


A GRV residential property is valued at $15,000. That is, the Valuer General has determined that in one year, that property could earn $15,000 in rent.

The rate in the dollar set by Council for GRV residential properties is 10 cents.

Rate in the dollar x valuation = total rate amount payable.

0.10 x $15000 = $1500 in rates.


What are differential rates and how do they apply?

In addition to being UV or GRV, properties are either commercial, residential, vacant, rural, etc. Different rates in the dollar are applied to each property type to ensure fairness and equity.

To view the different rates in the dollar for 2019/2020, see the Notice of Intention to Levy Differential Rates 2019/2020 (box below).


Will my rates go up in 2019/2020 and why?

Yes, your rates will go up in 2019/20 with a proposed increase of 4%.

Both GRV and UV properties in Denmark were revalued this year. GRV property values have grown 12% since the last valuation. GRV properties are revalued every four years while UV properties are revalued every year.

Keeping the 12% in mind, Council is proposing to reduce the rate in the dollar to bring the total increase down to 4%. The 4% increase addresses inflation, but also sets aside 2% of that increase specifically for maintaining Shire assets.

While expenditure on assets such as roads, drainage, footpaths and buildings has improved over the last few years, the Shire has historically underspent on maintaining them. The 2% towards assets will allow the Shire to bring existing assets back to standard going forward.

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