Community Surveys

Historically the Shire of Denmark has completed a Biennial Community Needs and Customer Satisfaction Survey to obtain community opinion and feedback on a wide range of Council services and issues, to inform the future direction of Council and the community.

In 2017/2018 Council undertook a MARKYT Community Scorecard, allowing the Shire to benchmark community satisfaction levels over time and compare results with other Local Governments. Council has committed to undertaking a MARKYT Community Scorecard each year, to support the reporting requirements of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.   

The results of the Surveys are available below for residents and electors information.

2011 Survey

2011 - Report including Council Recommendations

2012 / 13 Survey

2012 / 13 - Blank Questionnaire

2012 / Report including Council Recommendations

2014 / 2015 Survey

2014 / 2015 Report including Council Recommendations

2014 / 2015 Bar Graphs (Results) (Appendix B)

2014 / 2015 Bar Graphs (Results) (Appendix C)

2017 / 2018 Survey

2017 / 2018 Report

For further information please contact the Shire's Corporate Planning Officer on (08) 9848 0300 or email