Cemetery Advisory Committee


Our vision is for the Shire of Denmark to have well planned, respectful, maintained and cared for cemeteries, remembrance gardens and niche facilities for the internment of loved ones ashes and remains.


To advise Council on matters relating to cemeteries, lonely graves, niche facilities and the Denmark Cemetery (Reserve 11655) Local Law generally, including but not limited to;

  • Fees and charges;
  • Maintenance quality, practices and procedures;
  • Infrastructure requirements;
  • Design elements;
  • Relevant and required Policies;
  • Availability of supply and;
  • Trends in cemetery management and community expectations and needs.

To promote and identify opportunities for development and enhancement of cemeteries, remembrance gardens and niche facilities.

To view the Charter of the Cemetery Advisory Committee please click on the link below.

Cemetery Advisory Committee Charter


View Cemetery Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes.