Cat Pound

Have you lost your cat?

Maybe we have it in safe custody.  The table below displays the current cats we have impounded. If your cat is missing and not on the list please contact Ranger Services on 08 9848 0300.

How do I get my cat out of the pound?

You will need to pay the fees first (and registration if your cat is not currently registered) at the Shire of Denmark Administration Office, 953 South Coast Hwy, Denmark. Once paid, arrangements will be made for a Ranger to meet you at the Pound to release your cat.

How much does it cost?

Current Fees & Charges for 2017/2018 are as follows:

Impounding Fees (per cat)Fee
Sustenance Fees for Cats Impounded (per day or part thereof)  $ 22.00
Release from Pound (after 8.30am and before 4.00pm Monday to Friday only)  $ 52.00
Between 8.30am - 5.00pm (Day One)  $ 88.00
After Hours - between 5.00pm - 8.30am (Day One)  $110.00
After 5:00pm Friday and before 8:30am Monday  $142.00
Second & subsequent Impounding Offence within 12 months of the previous offence
Impounded after 8.30am and before 5.00pm $ 52.00
Impounded after 5.00pm and before 8.30am $ 84.00

Reminder: if your cat isn’t registered you will also need to add the appropriate registration charge.

Pound NumberDate ImpoundedCat
Photo of Cat
201801 16/05/2018