Within the Shire of Denmark all cats are required to be registered and microchipped.

Why do I need to register my cat?

Not only is it law under the Cat Act 2011 for all cats over six months to be registered, it is also important for both the general community and their cats that council has a record of cats and their owners. Registration allows council to provide for better facilities and conditions for responsible cat owners.

The benefits of registration are:

  • Positive identification of your cat
  • Reuniting lost or injured cats with their owners
  • Investigation and resolution of cat problems

The period of registration (or cat year) runs from 1 November to 31 October, regardless of when the cat is actually registered. Current registrations can be transferred between local councils within Western Australia.

Registration Fees

Registration Fees Standard Fees

Pensioner Fees
(50% of Standard Fee)

1 Year 3 Years Lifetime 1 Year 3 Years Lifetime
Sterilised Cat $20.00 $42.50 $100.00 $10.00 $21.25 $50.00

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Owner Details

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Cat Details

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Registration Fees and Charges

Registration Fees Standard Fees

Pensioner Fees
(50% of Standard Fee)

1 Year 3 Years Lifetime 1 Year 3 Years Lifetime
Sterilised Cat $20.00 $42.50 $100.00 $10.00 $21.25 $50.00
Breeding Cat 
Approval Fees
Standard Fees

Pensioner Fees
(50% of Standard Fee)







Please select the relevant registration period for your animal *
Are you eligible for a pensioner concession?
Are you applying for an approval (or renewal) to breed cats? *


The above concession can only be obtained upon production of a current eligible Pensioner Concession card (as defined in the Rates and Charges (Rebate and Deferments) Act 1992) in the name of the owner of the animal to be registered.


In-Person: By appointment only 953 South Coast Highway Denmark

Mail: Shire of Denmark, PO Box 82, Denmark  WA  6333 

Credit Card Payment: Only Mastercard or Visa will be accepted

BPAY: An invoice will be issued with Biller Code 134460 and a reference number, you can then pay by bank transfer or online.

Phone: (08) 9848 0300 for any enquiries

If paying by BPAY, post or over the phone your receipt and registration tag will be forwarded to you via mail.


If your animal has been sterilised (meaning made permanently infertile by a surgical procedure) and you DO NOT have a certificate from your veterinarian, and your animal does not have a sterilisation tattoo on it's ear, then a 
Statutory Declaration can be completed and must be signed by the animal owner.

Application for Approved Breeder

Are you applying to be an approved breeder?

Previous Convictions

Do you have any convictions for offences against this Act, Dog Act 1976 or Animal Welfare Act 2002 in past 3 years?



The local government may refuse an application if any or all of the required information is not provided within the time period specified in the legislation.

  • It is the dog/cat owner or agent’s responsibility to advise of any change in particulars contained in this application, including sale or death of dog/cat, to the registered Council immediately.
  • Any change in particulars contained in this application including sale or death of dog/cat must be notified to Council immediately.
  • Dogs three months and older must be registered.
  • Cats six months and older must be registered.
  • All dogs/cats must be microchipped before they can be registered.
  • Dog/cat registration period: 1 November - 31 October (as from 1 June each year, half the normal fee will be applicable to FIRST annual registrations only)
declare that the information I have provided is true and correct. I am aware that it is an offence to provide false and misleading information. *

Validate and Submit Form

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Or Download a Cat Registration Form to complete offline.

Your can then submit your form by appointment only at the Shire of Denmark Administration 953 South Coast Hwy, Denmark WA 6333

Phone ahead to book an appointment (08) 9848 0300 

Mon – Fri  between the hours of 9.00am – 4.00pm

What you will need to bring to your appointment

  1. You will need to provide a certificate of sterilisation and microchip details from your vet.
  2. A current pension card (if eligible)
  3. Statutory Declaration: Animal Sterilisation (if you do not have a certificate)

Additional Information

Birdlife Australia - Cats & Wildlife - How you can protect both

What do I do if I have a stray or feral cat? 

Ranger Services have a small quantity of cat traps that the Shire of Denmark residents/ratepayers can hire for a fee.

Please ensure your neighbours are informed that trapping is going to commence.

Any stray or feral cats trapped must be disposed of humanely, please contact Ranger Services.