Be Prepared for Bush Fires

Are you Bush Fire Ready?

Bushfires can start suddenly and without warning. People have been killed or seriously injured, and homes destroyed during bushfires. If you live in or near bush, fire is a real risk to you and your family. You need to Prepare your family, home or business and have a plan so that you can Act to make sure you can Survive!


There are many day to day activities that you and your family can undertake to help prevent and prepare for a bush fire;

  • If you see a bush fire and believe that it is out of control DIAL 000.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
  • "ARE YOU BUSHFIRE READY?'  Click on the link for more information on how to Prepare, Act, Survive.
  • Comply with the Shire of Denmark Fire Regulation Notice
  • Join a volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.


Bushfires can start suddenly so you need to be prepared to Act even if you do not get a warning. Most people wait to be told what to do and expect a firefighter to knock on their door or a fire appliance or fire bomber to come to their rescue. This is unlikely to happen, do not wait for a warning before acting as the decision to wait and see can be deadly!

During hot weather you need to;

  • If you see a bush fire and believe that it is out of control DIAL 000
  • Know the daily Fire Danger Rating for the Stirling Coastal Region – Information can be obtained from;
  • Look and listen for information on television, ABC radio 630AM, internet, information lines and speak with your neighbours.
  • If bad fire weather is forecast, you should put your preparations and plans into action the night before or early in the morning
  • Have a bushfire survival plan and kit ready
  • Make a decision early to stay and defend your property or leave for a safer place.


Most people living in areas where bushfires happen know they are at risk but think it will never happen. Many think about preparing but never get around to it. Bushfires impact people every year and there is a chance it could be you.  Be prepared and have a plan, you and your families survival depends on it.

  • Ensure you have a survival kit ready, have you considered?
    • Identification
    • Money
    • Certificates & Photos
    • Mobile phone
    • Food and water
    • Pets
  • Tell someone when you are leaving for a safer place or if you plan on staying to defend your home
  • Always have a backup plan.

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