Application for Development Approval Information

Does your proposed development require Planning Approval?

Feel free to contact the Shires Planning Services on 9848 0313 or via email and speak to one of our Planning Officers to find out if you need to apply for Planning Approval. 

Please click on the below link to view the checklist and application form. Please note: Both the Checklist and the Application form are required to be signed. 

Development Application Checklist and Application Form 

For Advertising (Signs) proposals, an Additional Information for Development Approval for Advertisements form is required to be completed in addition to the Application for Development Approval Form.

Application for Development Approval fees are required to be paid at the time of lodgement. To view the current Shire of Denmark Fees & Charges please click here

If a Building Permit Application is required, please click here to view the relevant information and application forms.

Information Sheets

Colour Requirements

The Shire of Denmark has specific areas that are subject to exterior building material and colour requirements as stipulated in various Town Planning Scheme No. 3 scheme and policy provisions in order to provide direction as to what colours are appropriate. Click on the below link for the following interpretations that apply.

Colour Requirements Information Sheet

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Information Sheet

Advertising Signage Applications

Advertising Signage Checklist

Please note that Business Directional Signage applications are administered by Infrastructure Services - please contact (08) 9848 0322 or via email