The Shire of Denmark seeks to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


The Committee’s work and focus will be derived from Council’s endorsed Sustainability Strategy. The Strategy strives to make the Shire of Denmark an organisation which positively contributes to the genuine sustainability of our world.

The Committee and Sustainability Strategy will achieve this in two distinct ways.

  1. Develop actions and policies to make the organisation more sustainable, and
  2. Support the broader Denmark community to become more sustainable.

The Committee adopts the following definition of sustainability: “…the integration of environmental health, social equity and economic vitality in order to create thriving, healthy, diverse and resilient communities for this generation and generations to come. The practice of sustainability recognises how these issues are interconnected and requires a systems approach and an acknowledgement of complexity.” (UCLA, 2021).

Terms of Reference

  • Ongoing high-level review of the Shire of Denmark Sustainability Strategy.
  • Seek out and receive advice, that contributes to future projects and will help guide well informed recommendations to Council.
  • Recommend to Council priorities and new initiatives, with consideration to the Long Term Financial and Asset Management Plan.

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