Shire of Denmark

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“Code Off Road” – A guide to safe and environmentally responsible coastal 4WD use

South Coast NRM, in partnership with South Coast Management Group, has produced a series of practical maps guiding recreational 4WD use on our coast. The guides cover Denmark, Albany, Bremer Bay, Hopetoun and Esperance and delivers key messages regarding safe and environmentally responsible 4WD drive use, as well as coastal maps. For more information, see South Coast NRM’s media release or the Denmark Code Off Road brochure .

Regional WA Community Alert: Tomato Potato Psyllid

The Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA) has asked for help in protecting WA’s horticulture industry by checking for the quarantine pest Tomato potato psyllid. Tomato potato psyllid has been confirmed on numerous properties across the Perth metropolitan area, Gingin and some locations in the south-west. It is a tiny sap-sucking insect that attacks a range of plants including potato, tomato and eggplant, and the weed nightshade.

DAFWA is asking people in regional areas to check susceptible plants and report anything unusual to DAFWA. For further information visit the DAFWA website here.

The Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee (WICC) is 1080 baiting in the Wilson Inlet Catchment

If you are interested in baiting (or already bait) on your property then WICC would love to partner with you in order to help control feral animals in the catchment.  WICC will be using 1080 Canid Pest Ejectors. This system is permanently fixed and cannot be translocated by birds.  In order to deliver the best possible outcomes, WICC will also be seeking to bait on all neighbouring properties to yours. For more information, see the WICC website.


Dealing with Dieback

Dealing with Dieback Workshops for property owners in Denmark to be held on Saturday December 2 2017. For all information please see the flier here

Garage Sale Trail  

Garage sale trail happened again in Denmark on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017. It's Australia's biggest weekend of reuse and community with over 16,000 garage sales and stalls, 2 million items listed for sale and over 380,000 sellers and shoppers taking part across the nation. There were 28 garage sales registered in Denmark.

The event is about encouraging us all to reuse the stuff we no longer want and get to know our community better. We all know that recycling is great, but reusing stuff you no longer want is even better. For more information, visit the Garage Sale Trail website at

If you didn't have time to jump on the Garage Sale Trail, you can choose to reuse every day and sell online instead. Thanks to Garage Sale Trail, Denmark residents can now claim five free listings on eBay. Include #garagesaletrail in your listing to be a featured item.  The offer is valid until the end of the year. Visit to find out more.


Grants for Conservation of Natural Heritage 

Lotterywest provide grants to conserve natural habitats and maintain the diversity of animal and plant species. Examples of project activities include: planting local species of trees and vegetation; linking areas of vegetation with bush corridors; fencing remnant vegetation and wetlands; and, controlling weeds, animals, disease and fire. An information package can be obtained from