Shire of Denmark Reserves

There are 121 Shire reserves located within and vested with the Shire of Denmark. 41 reserves are for community oriented services such as drainage, emergency services sites and communications. The remaining 80 reserves have some degree of natural resource management (NRM) input required in order to maintain biodiversity and environmental values. The purpose of these 80 reserves ranges from Conservation, Public Recreation, Parkland Management and resource extraction (gravel and sand). Of these 80 reserves, 12 are classed as A-Class Reserves which secures a higher level of protection of the natural and/or community values.

Friends of Reserves Groups

The Shire of Denmark greatly values the contributions of volunteers undertaking NRM actions in bushland, coastal and foreshore reserves vested with the Shire of Denmark and encourages residents who would like to take an active role in reserve management to start their own Friends of Reserve Group. The Shire has developed a Friends of Reserves Strategy to assist these groups and aims to ensure that volunteer bush care activities are undertaken safely and consistent with NRM objectives. Contact the Shire’s Sustainability Officer on phone 9848 0313 if you are interested in forming your own Friends Group or see the documents below.

Reserves Documents

Springdale Beach Foreshore Management Plan

Shire of Denmark Reserves Presentation

Conserving Denmark's Terrestrial Environment brochure

Forming Friends of Reserves Groups brochure

Shire of Denmark Friends of Reserves Strategy (2010)

Shire of Denmark Wilson Inlet Foreshore Reserves Management Plan (2008)

Mount Hallowell Reserve Management Plan (2008)

Shire of Denmark Declared Flora Roads Management Plan (2012)

Code of Practice for Roadside Conservation and Maintenance (2012)

State-Managed Reserves

The Shire of Denmark contains a number of national parks, marine parks, conservation parks and nature reserves which are managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. These areas can have significance at an international, national, regional and local scale and are important for their biodiversity values, heritage value and tourism. State-managed reserves within the Shire of Denmark includes:

  • William Bay National Park
  • Mount Lindesay National Park
  • Walpole-Nornalup National Park
  • Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park
  • Quarram Nature Reserve
  • Kordabup Nature Reserve

State-Managed Reserves Documents

William Bay National Park Recreation Master Plan