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Seniors Services

Age Friendly Community

Council received the DENMARK AGE FRIENDLY COMMUNITY STUDY (FINAL REPORT) JUNE 2011 - on the 26 July 2011 (Resolution No. 140711). The Strategy included 35 recommendations from which the Seniors Advisory Committee formed an Implementation Plan which was subsequently adopted by Council in June 2012.  The Implementation Plan has formed a major part of the Agenda for the Seniors Advisory Committee since its adoption and a number of strategies and policy changes have taken place through recommendations from that Committee.  To find out more you can download copies of the Committee Minutes.

Shire of Denmark Seniors Advisory Committee

Council has a Seniors Advisory Committee with the vision for the Shire of Denmark to be a community that values seniors and provides an environment for them to be safe, active and included.

To find out more, including the Committee's Charter & Terms of Reference, and/or read the Minutes from the Committee click here.

Local Business Discounts for Seniors

The Seniors Advisory Committee with the assistance of the Denmark Over 50s Association have contacted a number of local businesses and enquired about discounts for seniors.  The document below provides information about those businesses who have advised that they would consider offering discounts to holders of a WA Seniors Card. 


Seniors Card

Seniors Card holders are entitled to a range of government concessions and discounts of 10% to 50% off the price of goods and services from over 500 businesses listed in the online WA Seniors Card Discount Directory.

You can enjoy the benefits of a WA Seniors Card if you are:

  • aged 60 years or more
  • a permanent resident of Western Australia (include holders of the sub class 410 or 405 Visa who have lived in WA for a minimum of 5 years and reside in WA for a minimum of 6 months each year)
  • not in full time employment (i.e. I work 25 hours or less per week, averaged over a 12 month period).

For more information or to apply for a Seniors Card visit the Department of Local Government and Communities website.

Seniors Housing Forum 2013

The Shire of Denmark hosted a Denmark Seniors Housing Forum on Thursday, 15 August 2013.  The purpose of the Forum was to seek answers to the progressive housing needs, now and into the future, for the aged in Denmark.

To download a copy of a Speakers Presentation please click here.

Department of Commerce - Seniors Housing Centre

The Seniors Housing Centre (SHC) is a free, independent information and advice service covering the full range of housing options for seniors in WA. It is delivered by the Department of Commerce in partnership with the Council on the Ageing Western Australia (COTA WA). The SHC does not directly offer housing, or provide financial and legal advice, but can be an invaluable source of information for seniors and their families.

The information on their website covers the many housing options available; from modifying or redeveloping existing homes to renting or moving into a strata titled community, a residential park or retirement village.

To visit their website go to:

Department of Commerce Website.

You can telephone the SHC (located in Perth) for the cost of a local call on 1300 367 057 or email them at