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Book Club Resources

How to start a BookClub

Wonder how to start a book club? Starting your own book club is a great way to stay up on the latest bestsellers and make new friends. Follow these steps on how to start a book club, and don't be discouraged if some members come and go. Great book clubs don't start overnight and will evolve as members' lives change. In the end, however, you may build some lifelong friendships. Here's a few tips to get you started :

  • Get together a core group: ask around the office, play groups, or your church or civic organizations. An ideal size for a book club is 8 - 11 people
  • Set a regular meeting time: Go ahead and set a regular meeting time and date for your book club with your core group.
  • Advertise your bookclub: If you can't find people there are often places to post fliers at eg. the library, book stores and cafes etc.
  • Establish ground rules: Get together with your potential book club members and set the group's ground rules, Books,Times,Hosts etc.
  • Meet: Set a schedule for the first few months and start meeting. If the book club is small at first, don't worry about it.
  • Keep meeting and inviting people: Don't be discouraged if you lose members. People's schedules and commitments change.

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