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On the 2 April 2012 the Building Act 2011 was introduced together with the Building Regulations 2012 which replaces the Building Regulations 1989 and amends a range of associated Acts.

New Building Services Levies and Building Regulations 2012 fees also came into operation as at 2 April 2012. The new Act allows applicants to use the Shire of Denmark’s certification service or a private certifying service.

Visit the ABCB website for further details and to register for the free NCC

Building Permits

Application Forms & Checklists

Building permit application forms and information checklists detailing the requirements for lodging a building permit application are available from the Building Services counter at the Shire of Denmark Administration Building or can be downloaded by clicking on the following link

Building Commission Forms

Checklist for Building Permit Class 1 or 10a

Checklist for Building Permit Class 2 to 9

Certified Building Permit Application - BA1

A Certified Building Permit application must be submitted for Class 2 - 9 (commercial), whereas Class 1a and 10 are optional.  The permit application must be accompanied with a Certificate of Design Compliance.

Uncertified Building Permit Application - BA2

An Uncertified Building Permit application is for Class 1a and 10 buildings to be submitted to the permit authority (shire) without a Certificate of Design Compliance.  The shires building surveyor will assess the proposed development and issue the Certificate of Design Compliance and the Building Permit.

Demolition Permits - BA5

A permit is required for any demolition work, either full or part of a building. The presence of asbestos must be declared on the application form.

Building Approval Certificates - BA13

This can be used in circumstances where an Occupancy Permit is not applicable such as for class 1 and 10 buildings or incidental structures. It provides certainty that a building or incidental structure meets the relevant requirements and can be used to approve retrospectively previously unauthorised work. It can also be used for registration of strata title plans.

Notice of Completion - BA7

A new requirement under the Building Act 11 for Class 1 and 10 is the builder must submit a Notice of Completion within 7 days of finishing the work undertaken with a Building Permit.

The purpose of this Notice of Completion is to establish an end date of the Building Permit, for compliance and record keeping purposes. It also defines the date that the builder has fulfilled their compliance obligations under the Building Act 2012.

Occupancy Permit - BA9

Before a Class 2 - 9 can be occupied, an Occupancy Permit must be obtained from the Permit Authority (Shire of Denmark). It is evidence that a building has been lawfully constructed and is safe to occupy for the use stated on the permit.

An application for an Occupancy Permit must be accompanied by a Certificate of Construction Compliance (for new buildings) or a Certificate of Building Compliance (for existing buildings).

Certificate of Construction Compliance - DS3

A Certificate of Construction Compliance signed by a Registered Building Surveyor certifies that a building has been constructed in accordance with the Certificate of Design Compliance and the Building Permit.

Certificate of Building Compliance - DS3

A Certificate of Building Compliance signed by a Registered Building Surveyor certifies that an existing building complies with applicable building standards.

Please note: Development Approval may be required prior to a building permit application being accepted and issues by the Shire.

When applying for a permit, it is necessary to submit two copies of detailed plans and specifications together with the Application.

Fee Schedules

To determine the fees payable for your application refer to:

Owner Builders

Owner Builder applications are regulated and administered by the Building Commission.
If you intend to owner-build, information and the owner-builder licence application can be found at the Building Commissions Website.

Application To Construct Or Install An Apparatus For The Treatment Of Sewage

To download the latest application form from the Department of Health WA for installation of a Sewage Treatment Apparatus (i.e. Septic and Leach drains or Aerobic Treatment Unit) please click on the following link:

Building Disputes/Complaints

As part of the Building and Energy function it is to provide an avenue to resolve building disputes for both consumers and builders.

The Building Commission provides this service to parties as an alternative to the commencement of court proceedings.

For information and assistance click on the links below to the Building Commission

Water Corporation Notifications of Proposed Development

Approval must be sort from the Water Corporation if you are proposing to construct or alter any building that is in an area that is serviced by the Water Corporation.
The Water Corporation provides information on when notification and/or approval is required. For more information visit the Water Corporation's website.

Swimming Pools

Rules for Portable Pools Brochure

As a result of the recent Ombudsman WA report "Investigation into ways to prevent or reduce deaths of children by drowning" (the Report).

One of the Report's findings was that portable pools contribute to the drowning deaths of children under the age of five.  It is important to note that the safety barrier requirements for private swimming pools in the Building Regulations 2012 also apply to portable pools.  Building and Energy recognise that members of the public may be unaware of these requirements.  As such, a "Rules for Portable Pools", which provided guidance about the applicable requirements, has been developed.

Further information on pool safely and safety barrier requirements, can be found at  and 

Information About Aged Friendly Homes

Seniors Housing Centre - Your Home: A Guide to Housing Options for People Over 55

For additional information or assistance please contact Building Services on (08) 9848 0300 by email to or call into the Shire Administration Building at 953 South Coast Highway, Denmark.