Shire of Denmark

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Vision & Mission

In 2013 Council adopted a Strategic Community Plan for the Shire of Denmark - Denmark 2031, which includes the following;


Denmark in the year 2031 is a leading example of a dynamic, connected, caring and cohesive community, in tune with its environment.


The Shire of Denmark aims, through vision and integrity, to serve its whole community and value its natural environment.


Sustainability, effectiveness, teamwork, transparency, respect, visionary leadership, honesty & integrity, creativity, commitment and trust.

Motif & Floral Emblem

The Splendid Fairywren (Malurus splendens) and the Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia).


Discover Denmark.


Social Objective

Denmark's communities, people and places are connected and creative, vibrant and dynamic, healthy and safe.

Environmental Objective

Denmark's natural environment is regionally significant, wild and beautiful, yet so inviting and fragile that its protection and enhancement is carefully balanced in meeting the needs of current and future generations' lifestyle, development and tourism needs.

Economic Objective

Denmark's economy is diverse and vibrant - its primary industries of tourism and agriculture rely on and enjoy natural and other assets that are sensibly managed and promoted.

Governance Objective 

The Shire of Denmark provides renowned leadership in sustainability, is effective with both its consultation with its people and its management of its assets, and provides transparent and fiscally responsible decision making.

Copies of the Strategic Community Plan

View a copy of the entire document or a Snapshot

Copies are available for perusal at the Denmark Library or the Shire Administration Office or alternatively you can purchase a copy for a nominated fee.