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Review of the Strategic Community Plan


The Shire of Denmark is currently undertaking a major review of our Strategic Community Plan, Denmark 2027.

The Strategic Community Plan will become the Shire's highest level strategic document that will outline the long-term vision, values, aspirations and priorities for Denmark over the next ten years.

Denmark 2027 will then drive the development of local plans, resourcing strategies, service levels and other strategic documents required by the Shire of Denmark to deliver on the overall community vision.

Community Engagement

In order to develop Denmark 2027, we need input from as many members of our community as possible.

We want to know what kind of community you like living in, the things that you would like to see change or stay the same, and the ideas that you have for growing our Shire.

To help gather this information, the Shire of Denmark will be undertaking four stages of community engagement:


Stage One: Surveys Now Complete

Members of the community responded to Youth and Community Surveys. The Shire of Denmark has analysed the results and is using this information to inform Workshops and Focus Groups in the following stages.


Stage Two: Competitions Now Complete

Members of the community participated in the 'My Vision for Denmark' Youth Drawing and Painting Competition and the 'Visions of Denmark' Open Photo Competition.

Entries will be displayed at the Community Resource Centre between Saturday 6 May - Sunday 14 May, with community members encouraged to vote for a People's Choice award. 


Stage Three: Workshops Now Complete

Staff and members of the community participated in a series of workshops held in Denmark and Peaceful Bay during May. Community groups and organisations also completed Denmark 2027 DIY Kits for those unable to attend a workshop in person, or who wish to complete the visioning activity within a specific group.


Stage Four: Issues in Focus Now Open



Nomination Form

Topic Paper: Sustainable Population and Development

Topic Paper: Development of Agriculture, Tourism and Small Business

Topic Paper: Housing Availability and Affordability

Topic Paper: Decision Making and Community Engagement

Topic Paper: Bushfire Management and Planning

Community Profile Report

Economic Profile Indicators

UWA 2016 Census Demographic Profile

2016 Census QuickStats


Following the conclusion of the community engagement period, a draft version of Denmark 2027 will be presented to the community for review, before being adopted by Council in September 2017.

By participating in the review process, you can share your vision for Denmark and ensure that Council considers what is important to you when developing our plan for the future.


Further Information

Further information regarding the review process and the community engagement schedule can be found in the following documents:

Major Review Project Plan & Community Engagement Schedule

Community Engagement Information Sheet

Council Item 8.5.2: Major Review of the Strategic Community Plan

Information regarding the Department of Local Government and Communities 'Integrated Planning and Reporting'  framework can be found on the website