Online Form - Variation to the Firebreak & Fuel Management Notice


Variation to the Firebreak & Fuel Management Notice

Application Form

Applications for variations must be lodged and received by the 1st October in the current year, late or incomplete applications may not be accepted.

As a result of this application your property may be inspected to ensure that your proposed fire protection measures are suitable. Any of the requirements stipulated in the Shire of Denmark's Firebreak & Fuel Management Notice for which a variation has not been granted must be complied with.

Is this property leased? *
Is this property occupied? *

Variation is sought for the following management requirement: *

Select the items that relate to your variation application, then provide further details below. *

Proposed Fire Mitigation Measures

What alternative measures do you propose that will afford the same level of protection to your property and your neighbours property (show on map wherever possible). *

Attach a detailed plan / map of proposed variation(s) your application will not be assessed if you do not submit a map.

  • bush areas
  • gates
  • cleared areas
  • paddocks
  • roads
  • tracks
  • power poles and power lines
  • firebreaks/low fuel boundary access
  • dwellings / buildings, other value assets
  • water courses / dams
  • inaccessible terrain (eg. rocks, steep incline, drop offs)
  • type and location of firefighting equipment
  • water available for firefighting
  • low or reduced fuel areas
Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB
Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB
Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB
Who have you consulted in the formulation of your fire management measure? *

Will these measures have an impact on fire protection of neighbouring properties, lives or values? *


Has a detailed plan of your property (as mentioned above) been placed in a weather proof PVC pipe at the entrance to your property for emergency services *
declare that the information I have provided is true and correct, I am aware that it is an offence to provide false and misleading information. *


The local government may refuse an application if any or all of the required information is not provided by 1st November, in the current year.

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